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July 2019 Message from Lead Consultant

Next IMM Trade Consultation on 7 October in Barcelona

The IMM project will hold its next European Trade Consultation in Barcelona, Spain. The event will be supported by the Spanish Timber Trade Federation AEIM and the EU FLEGT Facility (EFI). The Consultation will take place at the Facility's headquarters at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau site on 7 October.

As always, the event will be an opportunity for the private sector to share feedback on experience with FLEGT-licensed timber and for timber businesses, and other industry stakeholders, such as specifiers and retailers, to hear about some of the latest findings of the IMM’s trade flow monitoring and survey work.

The Spanish trade consultation will feature three workshops on: 

  1. Trends in the European tropical timber sector – background, reasons and solutions (Rupert Oliver, IMM)

  2. Recognising priorities and purchase dynamics for tropical wood products. Assessing how supply chain relationships develop and the relevance or impact of FLEGT licenses. (Andrew Escott, Global Timber Forum)

  3. FLEGT impacts in African VPA partner countries (tbc)

The Consultation is proposed to close with a tour of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau site and a drinks reception. Click here to register.

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IMM EU furniture study - imports are entering a "crowded and fiercely competitive market"

With further support, development and communication FLEGT and FLEGT licensing can play a role in underpinning tropical timber product market share in the highly competitive European furniture sector, according to the latest IMM survey.The core aim of the IMM scoping study of procurement in the EU furniture industry is to gauge the sector’s perceptions of the value, impacts and process of sourcing from FLEGT VPA engaged supplier countries.

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EU private sector timber procurement – IMM Study identifies attitudes and priorities

Since the early 1990s, private sector actors have been taking steps to ensure that they exclude unsustainable and illegal wood from their supply chains. Private sector procurement policies are now prominent in the global North and among companies with global reach. With time, these purchasing practices are becoming more widely integrated in corporate business practices and contained within a larger sustainability and/or corporate responsibility policy often covering several other aspects. 

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FLEGT sustainability credentials and procurement pull-through focus of IMM Trade Consultation

There could not have been a more appropriate venue for the latest IMM FLEGT Trade Consultation than Antwerp. The city is one of the world’s great ports and a leading distribution hub for timber, sourced worldwide, for Belgium, the rest of Europe and beyond. Alongside Tilbury in London, Antwerp was also the reception point for the first FLEGT-licensed shipments from Indonesia.

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