January 2020 Message from Lead Consultant

New VPA partner profiles on IMM website
The IMM website now features detailed profiles of all VPA partner countries that are either implementing a VPA or have reached the FLEGT Licensing stage. The profiles include overviews of countries’ forestry sectors, timber industry and trends in global trade in timber and timber products as well as more detailed analysis of trade with the European Union. The profiles also contain a summary of each country’s progress in VPA implementation. More country reports of currently still negotiating countries will be added as soon as the VPA with the EU is signed and work to implement a FLEGT Licensing system is underway.

IMM publishes Annual Report
The latest IMM Annual Report "VPA Partners in EU Timber Trade 2018" was published on the IMM website. The report provides extensive statistical information, including on the share of VPA partner countries in global tropical wood products trade in 2018 and an update of the analysis of trade flows between all VPA Partner countries and the EU. The report specifically informs on trends in Indonesia, updating the analysis of production and trade flows, both imports and exports, looks at recent trends in certified forest area, assesses changes in Indonesia-EU trade, and summarises findings of research undertaken by the IMM Indonesia correspondent and market perceptions derived from the EU trade survey and Trade Consultations.
The IMM 2018 Annual Report also covers a range of topics not included in previous IMM reports: 

  • EU wood promotion programmes and their level of recognition of FLEGT, drawing on the findings of an IMM special study.

  • Recognition of FLEGT respectively in private sector and public sector timber procurement policies in the EU, also drawing on the results of IMM special studies.

  • The evolving market position of FLEGT licensing in relation to forest certification, including implications for strategies to improve market access for FLEGT-licensed timber in the EU.

  • Potential impacts of the FLEGT VPA process and FLEGT-licensing on forest sector investment based on initial results of research commissioned by IMM in 2018.

  • Links between the FLEGT VPA process and policy initiatives regulating trade in illegal timber in non-EU countries, considering both the content of these initiatives and their relative importance in VPA Partner trade.

The full report can be downloaded here.

IMM would like to thank the companies, organisations and institutions across Europe, Indonesia and Ghana who gave their time to provide some of the insights presented in the IMM Annual Report.