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IMM covers seven key EU countries and two VPA partner countries

IMM market research in key EU and VPA partner countries was launched in 2015 and expanded under IMM’s 2017 work programme. IMM now has a dedicated EU correspondent network covering Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK and providing coverage of countries accounting for 90% of all EU tropical wood product imports from VPA countries.

In VPA partner countries, IMM is currently engaged with own correspondents in Indonesia, as the only FLEGT-licensing country, and Ghana, which is considered to be closest to completing VPA implementation and start licensing.

IMM correspondents use a combination of online surveys and interviews to gauge the trade’s and industry’s views on the FLEGT VPA initiative, the level of trade between VPA partner and EU countries, assessment of VPA countries’ timber sectors in terms of quality standards, technical proficiency and competitiveness or in VPA countries impacts of VPA implementation on local timber markets and industries.

IMM correspondents are happy to answer any questions and queries related to the FLEGT VPA process and the IMM programme. If you want to contribute to future IMM surveys, please get in touch with your respective country correspondent.