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IMM publishes new study on EU Member States green public procurement policies and FLEGT

A new study of EU Member State public procurement policies and their recognition of FLEGT Licences found that  twenty-two EU member states now possess some form of public procurement policy for products containing or made from wood. They vary significantly in terms of their definition of criteria, coverage of products, applicability to different levels of government and whether they are voluntary or mandatory. However, they all require, or at least encourage, government buyers to source legal and often sustainable, timber.  

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EU private sector timber procurement – IMM Study identifies attitudes and priorities

Since the early 1990s, private sector actors have been taking steps to ensure that they exclude unsustainable and illegal wood from their supply chains. Private sector procurement policies are now prominent in the global North and among companies with global reach. With time, these purchasing practices are becoming more widely integrated in corporate business practices and contained within a larger sustainability and/or corporate responsibility policy often covering several other aspects. 

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IMM EU furniture study - imports are entering a "crowded and fiercely competitive market"

With further support, development and communication FLEGT and FLEGT licensing can play a role in underpinning tropical timber product market share in the highly competitive European furniture sector, according to the latest IMM survey.The core aim of the IMM scoping study of procurement in the EU furniture industry is to gauge the sector’s perceptions of the value, impacts and process of sourcing from FLEGT VPA engaged supplier countries.

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Indonesia-UK post Brexit co-operation commitment includes FLEGT

Indonesia and the UK have agreed a raft of areas for bilateral economic, environmental and development cooperation. They include a continued commitment to support and develop Indonesia’s engagement in the Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade initiative if and when the UK leaves the EU.(Photo left: Andrew Tilbury of Falcon Panel Products and Indonesian Ambassador Dr Rizal Sukma at the reception of the first FLEGT-licensed wood products in the UK in 2016)

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